The Issues

The Issues


Let’s go back to the drawing board.

Although the Affordable Care Act has insured more Americans than before, it has left many of us with higher deductibles and premiums.  Many people are insured, but have plans whose coverage is so poor they are effectively uninsured. The previous system was unaffordable for most Americans. It left those with chronic medical conditions uninsurable and caused skyrocketing medical costs as those conditions went unchecked. Rather than having multiple different systems to cover various groups of people (Medicaid, Medicare, ACA), it would be in the American public’s best interest to have a Medicare-For-All type system. The U.S. has the highest health care costs in the entire world, and that is in part because nowhere in the chain is there an advocate for controlling costs to the individual. By having a single payer system, a universal standard of care could be achieved, allowing for collective bargaining, resulting in lower drug prices, lower health care costs, and more affordable care. 

Border Security:

Boots on the ground, not a wall.

From a security perspective, walls are only deterrents for the unmotivated, and only delay those intent to get to the other side. We need border security professionals to apprehend those who attempt to cross our borders illegally. Drawing upon his military security background, Daryl proposes increasing the number of CBP patrols, and outfitting them with technology that will greatly enhance their ability to identify, track, and apprehend intrusions in the United States. Additionally, CBP needs to do away with fast track training programs, and ensure our personnel are appropriately trained and equipped to properly handle situations ranging from dangerous to humanitarian in nature.


Clean air, clean water.

Only a few decades ago, there was widespread fear of acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, and polluted groundwater. Great strides were made to remedy these fears, but our collective memory has fallen short.  Recent rollbacks and cancellations of environmental protections has put US citizens in danger once again. We cannot allow our air, our water, and our food to be poisoned because legislators value corporate profits over American lives.


Oil, Gas, and Renewable Solutions.

Our society and economy are both dominated by, and intertwined with, oil and gas.But oil and gas are both finite resources. We need to invest in and cultivate renewable energy projects.  Renewable energy is not as cost effective as oil and gas today, but once upon a time, computers were the size of small houses, and now we carry supercomputers in our pockets. Let’s look to the future.

Science & Education:

Fund education, embrace innovation.

It was not so long ago that the United States embraced science, and was captivated by its promise.  We pioneered atomic energy and nuclear weapons. We sent men into space, and landed on the moon. We have cured diseases, and now live daily with technology that would be science fiction just 20 years ago.

Yet, our country which prided itself on education and innovation, has fallen behind.  We have underpaid teachers, who must pay for supplies out of their own pockets for our children.  Federal and State governments seem to love to look at education as one of the first places to make cuts.  Educating our children is not a luxury, it is an imperative. Our nation needs to once again focus on being creators and innovators…not just consumers of the rest of the world’s innovation.

We need to once again embrace the desire to lead the world in scientific achievement.  We need to strengthen the public school system, fund education appropriately, and begin to think outside the box in terms of education.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin


The rule of law for all.

We must hold public officials, and public servants accountable for grievous offenses against the American People. There is no reason why specific groups are above the law.  Let us have Justice across the board. We must work to disassemble the unjust 2-tier system that insulates those with power from the laws that govern us all.

Criminal Justice Reform:

Too many laws, stop over-criminalization.

It is time to get rid of extraneous, duplicitous, out-dated, and unfair laws.  The original US Code outlined about 30 federal crimes, compare that with an approximate 5000 today.  When average citizens can be charged and punished for crimes that no reasonably educated person would know exist, things have gone too far.  Overcriminalization has but one purpose, to chip away at the individual rights little by little, until the average American citizen has no idea if they are committing an illegal act and live fearful of being subject to fines, arrest, or detention.

Did you know? – CFR. Title 36. Part 2. Section 2.15. 2 – It is illegal to have a pet on a leash longer than 6 feet on federal property. & 4 – It is illegal if your pet barks and disturbs wildlife on federal lands or parks.

Government Debt:

Eliminate wasteful spending.

Every election cycle each side talks about how wasteful the other side is with money, and the proceeds to bleed the American people of their tax dollars by throwing money at pet projects, and bloated spending bills.  Let us break the cycle of blame and spend, and be good stewards of American’s hard earned tax dollars.


Give real help to vets.

Veterans are a favorite topic of lip service for politicians, and yet over 6000 veterans commit suicide each year, and over 37000 are homeless.  Politicians pat themselves on the back for incremental improvements, but tiny improvements here and there is not enough. Veterans clearly need more support, they volunteered their service to their country, and our country needs to fulfill its service to them.